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Accompanied by furry friends usually eases your mind, but traveling can transform them into a hassle rather than a support system.  Ensure that pets tag along for the right reason; if they are more comfortable and content staying at home, leave them there! If you decide to bring along your best friends, here’s the low-down on safely traveling with pets.


Pets in the Car

According to a AAA study, pets cause numerous accidents by wandering loosely in vehicles. Buckle your pets (or strap the kennel holding your pet) into the back seat.  Deployed airbags may cause injuries and the seat-belt will prevent roaming.

Plan for extra pit stops every two to three hours. Animals need breaks in addition to water, food and exercise.  puppy lily

If you MUST leave your pet in the car for a FEW minutes,  crack a window. Do not leave them unattended in a car for long. Car temperatures can skyrocket in the summertime and become uncomfortably cold during winter months. If possible, travel with a friend.

One final thought…although your pup adores hanging its head out the window, this activity can lead to lung damage.  One never knows what particles are in the air.

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