Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

“Why Buy Travel Insurance?”


“Just How Valuable is Travel Insurance”

For a quick quote, contact Patrick Craven. Aladdin Travel highly recommends that EVERY traveler consider purchasing travel insurance. We have researched and found the most effective and economic policies for our clients and are able to suggest the best options. Unfortunately, many travelers do not fully understand the benefits that such policies offer and are not aware of the potential situations that would necessitate coverage. Some common and realistic situations that can re-route and delay travel plans include the following:

  • Sickness, injury or death of you, a traveling companion or a family member
  • Financial insolvency of vendors through which cruises, tours, etc. have been booked
  • Residence uninhabitable
  • Traffic accident en route
  • Involuntary employment termination/transfer
  • Military duty for natural disaster
  • Death/hospitalization of destination host
  • Common carrier cancellations/delays
  • Weather
  • Strike
  • Quarantine
  • Hijacking
  • Jury duty
  • Subpoena
  • Documented passport/visa theft

Avoid losing the money you have invested in your travel. Travel insurance can make a major difference. The cost is a small percentage of your experience, and the benefits allow you to plan/travel with peace of mind. Returning home with good memories is also a plus. If you have plans to travel any time in the near future, consider purchasing insurance for you and your loved ones. Obtaining a quote is quick and easy, and whether you have booked your travel through Aladdin, another agency or on your own, we would be honored to have the opportunity to provide you with insurance options. If you would like to discuss your individual travel policy needs, please contact your Aladdin travel advisor or follow the link located at the top of this page to purchase directly online on your own. To discuss your group travel policy needs, contact Patrick Craven or call 336-499-6759.