Business Trip?   Shopping Trip?  You have to eat lunch!   In Chicago, a few places come to mind and you won’t be disappointed.

A Chicago Dog!

A Chicago Dog!

Are you craving a Chicago “dog” ?  Head to Portillo’s on West Ontario.  Hotdogs any way you like! Each Portillo’s has a theme.  The Chicago restaurant features the 30s, 40s and gangsters. The service is quick and entertaining and the hotdogs are tasty. How about a sandwich and chips?  Head to the Corner Bakery Cafe.  It’s on the corner of St. Clair and Erie.  We have eaten there a couple of times. Both times were a tasty break from meeting and shopping and the wait staff was patient with Southerners. There are several locations and if you are in a hurry, it is a good place to go.  After lunch, rent a tandem bike from Bobby’s Bike Hike.  You can ride 25 miles along the Lakefront Trail and burn a few calories before dinner! Great food! Great experiences! Sally

 More pictures of this beautiful city!

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