When number three graduated, instead of beach week with hundreds, we spent a glorious week in St. John with five!  After arriving in St. Thomas, we checked into the Westin (AT the airport), gave them our luggage and jumped into the Westin van headed to the dock.  After a quick bite to eat at Tickles Dockside Pub, we boarded the Westin Ferry. Our tropical vacation had begun.  I have to admit, there really is something to riding on a large boat looking out over BLUE water and islands! We didn’t spend much time in our villa, but when we were there, we enjoyed having all the amenities!  Washer, dryer, kitchen, living room… Surrounded by lots of greenery, water, flowers and iguanas we quickly got a taste of the tropical life.

Go sport fishing. We loved it and caught many fish (Horse eyed Jack, Yellow tail snappers, barracudas, garr…..) with Jay from Mixed Bag.   

Rent a Dinghy.  Easy to do!  Just walk down to the Westin Beach.    

Hire a Captain for the day or do it yourself. Captain Don with Nauti Nymph toured us ALL around Jost Van Dyke.  We snorkeled in several bays, visited Foxy’s, The Soggy Dollar Bar (you really do arrive with soggy dollars, there is no dock so you must wade to shore!) and ate the FRESHEST (right out of the bay…) lobster at Sydney’s Peace and Love. We ended the day snorkeling at Sandy Spit and a good time was had by all!

Eat! Day one, we ate at the Fishtrap…not our favorite, but since our family was sitting at the same table and we were in St. John….on vacation….we couldn’t complain.  Ricky loved his snapper at The Lime Inn too.  Our favorites….Rhumb Lines began a stretch of great food!  It only got better with Asolare (Probably one of the best meals Ricky and I have ever eaten) and then ZoZo’s.  Both Asolare and ZoZo’s have BEAUTIFUL views as well as delicious food.  Get there BEFORE sunset.  These are “do not miss” restaurants. 

Shop! The St. John Market is within walking distance.  Good for groceries. A 12 pack of Diet Cokes was $4.95.  Mongoose Junction is the perfect place for tasteful t-shirts/clothing and jewelry.  The original/handcrafted J Hook bracelet is also a wonderful souvenir!  We bought ours from Palm Jewelers. Shop and then grab a smoothie down the street from Rhumb Lines!

Rent a car, explore the island and beach hop.  Don’t forget your snorkeling gear. This is really the only way you can get a beach to yourself.  REALLY nice!  We even hit Trunk Bay late in the afternoon after the cruise boat passengers had left.

Spend time on the beach, on the tennis courts and in the pool! Sally 

Editor’s note: We did this a few years ago but would do the exact same thing again in a heartbeat.  




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