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Wasn’t it just yesterday when the school bells rang their last jangle, arising excited cheers from kids who couldn’t wait for the adventurous days of summer freedom ahead? Time is flying, and you should too.

Summer’s brightness is quickly fading into the earthy season of fall, and soon fall will wash away into winter. Then, as the rigid months of winter blossom into springtime, guess where you’ll be next? Enjoying yourself on a well-deserved, lovely Spring break with the kids.

Having trouble finding your next sweet spot?

No matter what stage of life you’re in, there are plenty of nooks and crannies in this world for you to spend your spring break luxuriously. Once you’ve pinpointed your pretty-little-finger on the map, let Aladdin Travel do the legwork for you by arranging your fun-filled trip. Below, we’ve picked out several destinations worthy of your family’s presence.

It’s important for the tender-aged to have lots of fun before big responsibilities rupture in. Young memories last forever, and can impact a child’s perspective for the rest of his or her life. For those still in the wee ages, here are some of the greatest places for young eyes to absorb:

1.)    Hawaii

Bali Hai Kauai sunset

Science meets paradise in Hawaii. Glory in the glowing lava spilling from Hawaii’s famous volcanoes; sprawl on the white, black or even green sand beaches wrapping around the islands; venture to see breathtaking waterfalls; spy on sea turtles; sip from a coconut;  zip line through lush vegetation- the list goes on.

Is there anything not to love about this place?  With eight spectacular islands, including “The Big Island” Oahu, that holds a National Park, Pearl Harbor, and Honolulu, even the pickiest of children would be prone to having a blast in Hawaii. Here’s an itinerary sample of how to spend marvelous springtime days in Hawaii.

2.)    Walt Disney World
Disney World

A whole new world within itself, magic comes to life at Disney. Need I say more? Spend your days riding roller coasters, traipsing with exotic animals, munching on food inspired by cultures around the world, watching popular musicals, or hustling it all in. If that hasn’t dazzled you enough, let the nightly fireworks sparkling across the expanding sky ignite your state of awe.

   South Africa

i wish this was africa AS1

A child’s wildest imaginations would finally come to life in South Africa. Get ready to discover the natural habitat of lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants and many more powerful creatures on an educational safari ride.Of course, a day’s time wouldn’t be wasted by indulging in a shopping spree downtown after a playful day on a perfect coastline. Take this trip for an escape to share and reminisce about for the rest of a lifetime.

4.)    Yellowstone National Park


Fuel your ever-growing brain by learning about wilderness in the game of Monopoly’s most- wanted-property, Yellowstone National Park. Explore this 3,500 mile square park on foot, horseback, or via boat. It isn’t a strain to spot animals of all sorts. Bears, wolves, bison, antelope, and many more animals all reside in Yellowstone National Park. For a grounding, intensive Mother Nature lesson, roam around every inch of this park for a week on end. There’s a lot to see – mountains, lakes, vegetation, wildlife in all its splendor, and you can take your time to dwell on nature’s wonders. Or check out this itinerary for a mind-blowing adventure to tour through multiple Nationals Parks during one spring break.  

5.)    Canadian Rockies
Sunrise over Lake Louise
Prepare to be astounded by nature’s vastly vibrant colors in the Canadian Rockies. The Canadian Rockies have countless activities. Hiking the incredible nearby mountains, whitewater rafting down a tumbling canyon river, immersing your body in a relaxing hot spring, and taking a helicopter tour atop the outstanding Rockies’ landscape are some of them. Be sure to explore Jasper National Park, Lake Louise, and many more renowned energetic spots. At the end of your adventurous day, even a youngster would be tuckered out enough to relish in a soundless sleep under Canada’s blanket of stars. If you’re too excited to snooze, start daydreaming about the Canadian Rockies by reading this impressive itinerary.

6.)    Colorado

When melting icicles have left you feeling bummed about your ski hobby winding down to a halt, listen to the sweet voice of mile high city calling for you to spend your spring break gliding down its glistening slopes. For a moment off of the vigorous hills, take a peek at Mesa Verde National Park, with well-kept cliffs and a mouth-dropping 8,000 foot plateau. Craving free fun? Downtown Boulder’s Tulip Fairy and Elf Parade are wonders for the entire family. If there are fairies singing in your ears with too many things to do in Colorado, check out this astounding itinerary, where you’ll get to see it all. Despite the twinkling snow, spring break days in Colorado will remain in your heart equally fluffy, warm and happy as this shindig sounds.

None of these places appease your fancy? Look out for our next blog about Spring breaks for college students!

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