New years come with new ideas and predictions.  Here are seven travel trends you’ll be sure to notice in 2016!

1.) Travelers will seek novel experiences.

This year, choosing a destination depends on the culture and uniqueness of the experience. Hosts of travelers will travel solo in 2016 and most intend to visit somewhere they’ve never been.

Princeville Kauai


2.) Travelers will leave a review.

In 2016, hotels will maintain a strong online presence. Travelers depend on reviews. 

3.) Travelers will carry hand sanitizer.

Over 30 percent of American travelers can’t leave their homes without hand sanitizer.

4.) Travelers will practice wellness.

Now more than ever, travelers report a longing to leave home, stay healthy during their trip and return feeling refreshed. Vacations focused on activities, spirituality, mental health and relaxation will mount in 2016. 

stay healthy

5.) Travelers will request child-free zones.

With significant requests for no-kid zones on airplanes, some airlines have already complied. Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia X are moving children under 12 and their parents or guardians to their own section of the aircraft. 

6.) Travelers will see spacious overhead compartments.

According to the Huffington Post, 57% of Americans travel with carry-on bags only. Expect to see expanded space and new and improved carry-ons.

7.) Travelers will create “bleisure” vacations.

Business travelers will extend their trips, bringing family along to explore for the weekend. Don’t miss out on sweet and easy “bleisure” (business + leisure) opportunities coming your way in 2016!

Frankfurt, Germany (48)



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