Red-eye flights departing after 9 pm and arriving before 5 am strike some as a struggle. However, what about those who seem chipper despite swapping their bed for an airplane seat? With the perks of accomplished work during days of non-travel, yet downfalls of disrupted sleep in an uncomfortable seat, mastering red-eye flights reaps a time-saving blessing. To receive the benefits of traveling overnight, book a nonstop flight and follow these tips for a brighter tomorrow:

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If you CAN’T sleep, try playing cards!

1.)  Pack a purposed carry-on.

As a lifesaver strapped to your shoulder, load a carry-on with a clean set of clothes for the morning, healthy snacks, a travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, lotion, and a sweater or light blanket.  An investment in an airplane pillow, eye mask and ear plugs intensify your in-flight comfort as well.   With every necessity possible within an arm’s reach, enjoy the flight and wake refreshed.

2.) Try to maintain your bedtime.

Allow your body to register that it’s time to wind down by continuing a normal bedroom routine. Brush your teeth, wash your face, slip into socks, and let your eyelids close. Once your body relaxes, calm the mind with peaceful music or noise-blocking earplugs.  

3.)  Rise and shine with water and breakfast!

After an overnight, sky-high nap, bodies crave water to replenish from the low-humidity, low-pressure cabin.  Before venturing on, drink a bottle of water and enjoy a healthy breakfast.  Try not to rely on caffeine to propel you throughout the day and respect how much activity your sleep-deprived body wants or doesn’t want.  No one has time to get sick and when the body is tired, sickness can happen. Don’t over schedule the afternoons. Rest as possible and eat healthy meals. Smile and move through your morning meetings like you didn’t miss a beat.