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Our professional services are assessed on a case-by-case basis to reflect the scope of the trip you are planning. The services listed cover the time involved in professional consultation, destination research, price comparisons, reservations, document preparation, itinerary presentation, travel insurance consultation as well as managing deposits and payments. Our initial consultation is complimentary and lasts 20-30 minutes.  Please note, the fees listed for services below reflect an average amount charged.  Individual service fees can vary depending on agent experience level and the scope of work requested.

Resort, Escorted Tour and Cruise Planning:

Domestic and Foreign Custom Itinerary Planning:

Airline Ticketing:

Expedited Travel Planning


For travel planning within 60 days of the trip                                              A minimum of $100 per person surcharge

For travel planning within 30 days of the trip                                              A minimum of $200 per person surcharge




Individual Hotel, Car, Rail and Event Reservations


Hotel Reservation     $20/room
Car Rental                  $20/car
Rail Ticket                   $40/ticket
Dinner Reservation  $10/reservation
Event Tickets             $20/ticket



Trip Cancellation Policy


Trips cancelled 30 days or more after deposit = $100 per person

Trips cancelled after final payment = 10 percent of total trip cost

Cancellations may also be subject to additional fees from the suppliers involved.




Aladdin Guaranteed Satisfaction Refund


If you are not 100 percent satisfied with the planning and services that have been provided to you by one of our professional travel advisors, Aladdin will refund 100 percent of the service fee. Documented reasons for dissatisfaction are required and cannot be tied to supplier pricing, availability or reservation requirements, over which Aladdin has no control. Prior to refund, all customized itineraries or travel options presented by the advisor must be attached to your document of reasons and request for refund.

“I can’t say enough good things about Carla and the help I received in planning my trip. Although there were bumps, they were not things she caused or could have prevented and yet she went out of her way to minimize any problems and saved the day more than once. Her availability was amazing and she was willing to communicate with me in the most convenient form and at the most convenient times for me. This made getting answers quick and easy. I will always appreciate her help in planning our once in a life time family trip!”
“Laura, did a fantastic job making the arrangements for our recent 21-day trip to France and Switzerland. We gave her guidelines during our first meeting and followed them to plan a great itinerary. The hotels and activities she chose were exactly what we wanted, with plenty of time for us to do some exploring on our own. She took care of many arrangements that seemed too complex for us … She made it easy by providing timetables and vouchers to drivers and activities… Everything went off without a hitch!”
“We count on Julie for our most important travel needs and she never ceases to amaze us! Her prompt and accurate planning results in the perfect vacations!”
“Mary Louise did a fabulous job with all the details. Could not have been a better trip and all the details were taken care of from the beginning.”