A Letter from Ricky Shore President of Aladdin Travel

A Letter from Ricky Shore President of Aladdin Travel

I could begin by talking about our company history; our trained travel and meeting professionals; the fifty thousand meetings, events, and vacations planned since 1973; or the millions of airline and cruise tickets issued. While that would be entertaining, I prefer to share with our clients, friends, and prospects WHY we do what we do. Aladdin Travel has five beliefs that define who we are and why we come to work every day.

We believe:

*Travel is transformative; the more people travel, the more they understand different cultures.
*We provide our clients discretionary time to use for themselves or their business.
*We help our clients travel more safely than they can on their own.
*We create solutions that our clients cannot create for themselves.
*We help our clients accomplish their mission in life.

Aladdin Travel is a wonderful blend of experience and youthful exuberance. We think of better ways to help you meet the challenges faced in travel management and meeting planning .

Aladdin Travel invests in our industry’s best technology and manages it in-house. This allows Aladdin Travel to keep your information safe and secure in a PCI compliant environment .

Aladdin Travel strives to make your life easier. This means we make your travel or meeting experience exceptional and safe. We take your business very personally. We care. Aladdin Travel is here for you when your travel plans hit a snag. Our creative in house professionals make decisions that are in your and your company’s best interests. Always! This saves you time and money.

Whether it’s corporate travel management, meeting planning, study abroad logistics, incentive plans or your dream vacation, Aladdin Travel offers you a level of passion and skill that is uncommon and unduplicated in the travel industry. Call us. We will make your next travel or meeting experience exceed your expectations.

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Richard E. Shore, Jr, – President