LaGuardia Airport Alert

by | Nov 16, 2017

Come About, Re-direct, Keep Your Head up.

Change is coming for those who travel to New York City through LaGuardia Airport (LGA). For what seems like years, road work and construction have rerouted traffic as new terminals were built, old were refurbished and others torn down. A cab ride into or out of the airport seems much like a maze for mice.

A major milestone in the project will be completed on December 9, 2017. LGA on the Move says “Six airlines – American Airlines, American Shuttle, Delta Shuttle, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Spirit Airlines – relocate terminals.”

Without a doubt, this will cause more turmoil while logistics start to improve. When traveling in and out of LaGuardia, allow more time than usual upon arrival and departure. Keep your head up and do not assume your usual terminal is in the same location. Double check the details.

As always, call Aladdin Travel if you have questions. LGA on the Move provides more detail.

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