Luck was with us! All the kids had the same spring break and Alitalia just happened to have an incredible sale, so off to Milan we flew! It was my idea to do a whirlwind tour to include Milan, Florence, Venice, and Rome. My daughter’s more sane idea was to stay in one place for the week to really get to know the area. George Clooney had nothing to do with our choosing the Lake Como area of Northern Italy!Italy With Aladdin Travel and Meeting Planners

ICBellagio, an Aladdin partner and Virtuoso member, planned our entire trip. We were met at the Milan airport by our private driver and whisked away to Bellagio. Bellagio is a quaint little town at the very tip of the inverted Y shape of Lake Como. Our villa, up a very narrow road high on a hill, overlooked the three arms of the lake and the Swiss Alps. The view was nothing shy of magnificent!

Italy with Aladdin Travel and Meeting PlannersEverything planned for us by ICBellagio was just the ticket to familiarize ourselves with the area, people, and food! A walking tour of Bellagio landed us in the storybook fishing Hamlet of Pescallo, a cooking lesson in an open kitchen setting (with patrons laughing!) gave us a deep respect for pizza dough tossers, a day trip to St. Moritz, that took us through the breathtaking Maloja Pass, made us want to live like the rich and famous, and the coup d’etat, the piece de resistance, was our seaplane flight over Lake Como! In between all that, we drove a teeny weeny car on roads so narrow and windy you had to pull over for someoneItaly with Aladdin Travel and Meeting Planners in Winston-Salem, NC coming in the opposite direction. Of course,  copious amounts of red wine, pizza, and pasta consumed.

The most fun part of the trip for me? Being with my adult kids for an entire week in Italy. The most fun part of the trip for the kids? Traveling overseas for the very first time! That bug has bitten! Rebecca

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Rebecca joined the Aladdin family in 2006 and has been in the industry over twenty-five years. Rebecca loves to spoil her clients with unforgettable experiences and is able to offer first-hand advice from exotic destinations around the globe.

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