“Building Better Business Results Through Motivational Experiences”

Inspiring your top performers and building loyal partnerships with your customers is a significant challenge that is vital to the long-term success of your company. In a recent Pricewaterhouse Coopers study, 95 percent of top executives are seriously concerned about retaining their key employees. A resource available to you that is designed to assist in retention, motivation and loyalty is Incentive Travel. In general terms, one could define Incentive Travel as “vacation travel arranged though an employer and awarded as a bonus to qualifying employees, vendors or salespeople.” At Aladdin Travel, we see it as much more than that. Our Incentive Travel program is founded on four principles:

  1. Incentive Travel is a “management tool” used to achieve extraordinary and uncommon goals.
  2. Incentive Travel is the recognition and development of motivational and performance improvement strategies.
  3. Incentive Travel is a management tool directed toward unleashing human potential through extraordinary motivational experiences.
  4. Incentive Travel is an “investment,” not an expense.

Our programs are customized based on YOUR goals, and we are committed to making them successful. We fully realize that every program should do the following:

  1. It must solve a business problem or improve performance and standards.
  2. It must be measurable and accountable, and provide a return on the investment.
  3. It must be appealing and motivational.
  4. It should be “incremental” in nature.
  5. It should be “experiential” for the participants.

Aladdin Travel’s incentive planning process begins with a meeting of your key stakeholders. We will listen to the goals you have set for your organization and what you desire to achieve. We will complete a participant analysis to determine who will be involved in the potential program. We will evaluate the program design – qualifying period, estimated time of travel, length of travel, domestic or international destination, theme and event concepts, and your estimated budget. Once we have this information, we will begin our destination research and prepare a customized proposal. Aladdin Travel highly encourages you to consider incentives as a vital part of your business plan. Chances are, your competitors and vendors are engaged in this valuable service. Incentive Travel also offers a way to leverage incentive programs with large company meetings, product launches, acquisitions, wellness programs and numerous benchmarks within your organization. For more information, contact Ricky Shore or call 336-499-6727.

Why Incentive Travel Works

“You are a wonderful service provider and Renee was great with helping me with my hotel reservations.”

“Faith is always prompt in our requests and provides options available to us. We appreciate her professionalism.”

“Tonia has made it very easy to book multiple people for the same event, by allowing me to email her the travelers’ & event information. Makes it so much easier for both of us!!”