I hate to argue with the article in the link below, but I must.  Global Entry is not all that easy, but, the payoff is well worth the effort. It isn’t hard but takes calendar coordination. Global Entry is the expedited processing through Customs and Border Protection at United States airports. For $100 you will be granted 5 years of easy access when entering back into the United States as well as the TSA Pre✓ experience.  Global Entry works best for frequent international travelers while TSA Pre✓ works best for frequent domestic travelers. It is a three step process that will take close to 45 days minimum. Step 1: Complete application. Response time is 10-14 days. Step 2: Schedule and then show up at approved airport for interview. Coordination takes 20-40 days. Step 3: Wait for the magic Ricky catches a big one!card to arrive in 10-14 days. Step 4: Register your Global Entry number with your travel management company and the airline frequent flyer programs of your choice. The name on your frequent flyer accounts, your Global Entry card, and identification must all match. I have the magic card now… total elapsed time clearing TSA security… around 30 seconds. TSA does not guarantee you will always get this level of clearance but so far so good. The sweetest part was the look on my fishing buddy’s face when he was being strip searched because his fishing pants had too many grommets and zippers. That alone was worth the wait!  Ricky  


For more information on the differences in Global Entry and TSA Pre✓ check out the chart here.

Gaining Global Entry: A Simple Process For Frequent Fliers

Apply for Global Entry

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