Corporate Travel

Corporate Travel Technology


Innovation is the heart of what we do at Aladdin Travel. Travel technology is changing the way people travel and the way travel programs are managed. We make it easier and more efficient than ever for business travelers and travel arrangers to plan and book their next trip. Blending the right amount of travel technology with personal service is critical to your travel program’s effectiveness and efficiency. We help travel managers implement cost-saving initiatives, drive policy compliance and monitor real-time changes to travel spend. We have a comprehensive portfolio of global travel management tools and solutions, and we are focused above all on determining which tools make sense for your program. We will deliver a seamless implementation and support your travelers across your markets. The Aladdin family of travel technology solutions includes the following:

  • Integrated online booking and expense management
  • Aladdin Secure for duty of care/risk management
  • Aladdin Profile for universal traveler profile management
  • Aladdin Reporting for travel program data dashboards and analytics

Contact us to see how we can deliver the right tools that align with your program needs.