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Webster defines a compass as “something that helps a person make choices about what is right and effective.” We have re-designed our online communication tools in order to guide our clients more effectively. The new name is the result of an internal naming contest. Aladdin Compass was suggested independently by two different Aladdin employees, Anita Weddle and Rebecca Woltz.

Aladdin Travel’s daily compass is based on the five belief statements that form the foundation of why we come to work each day. Aladdin believes:

*Travel is Transformative – the more people travel, the more they understand different cultures.
*We help our clients accomplish their mission in life.
*We provide our clients discretionary time to use for themselves or for their business.
*We help our clients travel more safely than they can on their own.
*We create solutions that our clients cannot create for themselves.

Each month’s Aladdin Compass will include concise and focused articles that will empower readers to make more effective travel choices. Additionally, “Aladdin Advice” will offer travel tips from our industry experts, followed by “Meet an Advisor” where employees will be introduced and invited to share a thought on our belief statements.

Thank you for your business. We are grateful for the relationships we have with each and every client and we look forward to a productive and successful 2017.

Ricky Shore

January 2017 Aladdin Compass

About Ricky Shore

Richard E. Shore, Jr. (Ricky) is the President & CEO of Aladdin Travel. “I joined the company in April 2004 with responsibilities for corporate sales and marketing and completed the purchase of Aladdin Travel in November 2012. I enjoy volunteering in the community and have served as president of the Winston-Salem Rotary Club and as a board member and president (2012-13) of the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem. Finally, serving on the Vestry of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church as Junior and Senior Warden was a rewarding experience. Sally and I enjoy traveling, with and without family! Memories of crepes in Paris, the Cotswolds outside of London, golf in Scotland, the Great Wall of China, biking in Holland, Italy and the Salzkammergut (Lake District) of Austria and sightseeing in Spain abound. An occasional trip to the beach or the mountains is also welcome!

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