Travel Headaches and How to Cure Them

If you travel regularly, there’s a good chance you have been impacted by a travel disruption. Whether it is a hurricane, snow storm, volcanic ash or just an everyday maintenance issue, it is impossible to avoid unforeseen circumstances during travel.  The recent round of winter storms have impacted our employees and clients around the world, and we thought it is a good time to remind even the most seasoned travelers of some of our favorite travel tips.

When it comes to managing these types of situations, our very best advice is to be your own advocate.  While the airlines are generally good about proactively re-booking passengers on the next available flight in the case of cancellations or missed connections, it is important to remember that our advisors have an enormous amount of power to help too.  Since the re-booking happens automatically in most cases, a computer system picks the next available seat on the next available flight.  The computer won’t know that you could fly into an alternative airport or that you might be willing to take a connecting flight today instead of waiting for the equivalent nonstop flight being offered days from now.

It is also important to keep your cool no matter how frustrating the situation may be.  The airline agents have a great deal of control to help you in many of these situations.  Once the check-in process has begun, the flight is under airport control.  Airport agents are the ones who have the control to make the call (if it’s available) to put you on another airline or give you a seat on an oversold flight; they are the final authority.  Treating them with kindness in these situations is important and can get you exceptions when you need them the most.

The truth is, weather related issues are occurring with increasing frequency.  In these situations, so much is outside of everyone’s control.  If you are traveling during one, it can be distressing.  However, it can be less stressful if you know how to advocate for yourself and those traveling with you.

Recently, we compiled some of our favorite travel tips for first time student travelers and thought even our most seasoned travelers might appreciate these reminders too!

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