Dining in New York

I have been to New York City many times, but my most recent trip confirmed that fall is the very best time of the year to visit.

Ward off the Winter Woes with a Sunny, Sultry Get-Away

Winter is still months away but if waking up to the frosty darkness, hectically scavenging for pricey holiday gifts, and skipping the gym to curl up on the couch contribute to the downer days of winter you need to plan now!  SAD (seasonal affective disorder) burdens...

Tips for Disney Magic

Liz just returned from a trip to Disney World with her grandchildren and it reminded me that we have several advisors who have a vast amount of knowledge about this magical place. A few tips from Disney Guru Laura Slawter 1. Plan Early! Walt Disney World resorts can...

Red-Eye Survival Guide

Red-eye flights departing after 9 pm and arriving before 5 am strike some as a struggle.

Post NFL Blues? We’ve got you covered.

It is safe to say, those of us in “Panthers Nation” are in mourning this week after a heartbreaking loss to the Denver Broncos for the 2016 Championship title. Even more than a soul crushing loss, we’re mourning the conclusion of the 2015-2016...