See Something? Say Something!

Years ago, I visited New York City with a well-traveled colleague. She constantly reminded me to “keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings; you never know who or what you might see!” Whether the purpose was to spot danger before it happened or to be star struck at the sight of a celebrity, I began to pay attention to the world around me. Shortly thereafter, I actually had my first celebrity spotting

Steps to Banking the Best Travel Experience

Travel is transformative; the more people travel, the more they understand different cultures. This statement is one of Aladdin Travel’s five core beliefs. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, it changes the traveler and creates memories that last.

Memories of India

Why was my trip to India magical and why does it become even greater as more time has lapsed since my return? The memories, ah yes, the memories…

Traveling to India

India is huge and exceptionally diverse. It is the home to Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Jews, and landscapes that range from the world’s highest mountain ranges to tropical coasts. India has an almost endless variety of people and places to explore. It is impossible to take in all of India on one trip.

Aladdin Gives Back 2016

ALADDIN GIVES BACK 2016 For the past few years during the holiday season, Aladdin Travel has made donations to local food banks in honor of our clients, employees and friends. In addition to these gifts, Aladdin Travel wants to give to four non-profit organizations...