Skiing in South America

South America may not be the first place that comes to mind when you plan a skiing trip, but we’re about to change that mindset.

Skiing the Western USA

Winter time shouldn’t be wasted cuddled under a blanket in front of a blazing fireplace with your third cup of hot chocolate. Don’t you want to get out of the house for an adventure and a bit of exercise? We’re not suggesting shoveling the driveway...

Italy for Spring Break!

Luck was with us! All the kids had the same spring break and Alitalia just happened to have an incredible sale, so off to Milan we flew! It was my idea to do a whirlwind tour to include Milan, Florence, Venice, and Rome. My daughter’s more sane idea was to stay in one...

Spring Break with the Kids

Wasn’t it just yesterday when the school bells rang their last jangle, arising excited cheers from kids who couldn’t wait for the adventurous days of summer freedom ahead? Time is flying, and you should too.