New York Tips Galore!

Catherine and I decided to ditch OUR kids and take our mom to New York City for a weekend. SHE was still stuck with HER two kids, but she seemed okay with that!

Never Tired of New York

My sister and I took our mother for a quick getaway in New York and the 72-old wore us out!

Tips for Disney Magic

Liz just returned from a trip to Disney World with her grandchildren and it reminded me that we have several advisors who have a vast amount of knowledge about this magical place. A few tips from Disney Guru Laura Slawter 1. Plan Early! Walt Disney World resorts can...

Traveling? Three Routes to Encourage Exercise

I spend a lot of time on the road and it can be really hard to maintain a regular exercise regimen.  It’s easy to skip a work out if your best option is a boring basic gym located in the basement of a hotel. There is nothing better than being in a cool city and being...

Tasty lunches in Chicago

Business Trip? Shopping Trip? You have to eat lunch! In Chicago, a few places come to mind and you won’t be disappointed.