Multi-Generational Travel and Spain

I chose Spain as the destination for my 6 year old son’s first overseas trip (and overnight flight) and I could not have picked any better.  We planned travel around his Thanksgiving school break and found that traveling in Europe in November is relaxing. The summer...

Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland’s most visited natural attraction, should be a stop on your Irish itinerary.

Aladdin’s Valentine Visits St. Patrick’s Ireland

Martin, our ruddy faced, red haired tour guide, was the picture of a true Irish gentleman with the teasing twinkle in his eye. His passion for Derry City and its history was brought magically to life as we walked along walls that were hundreds of years old.

When in Rome…Tour Freely!

Walk the streets of Rome before 7 a.m. Watch a spray can painter create a waterfall. Take a panoramic picture of Rome from Garibaldi Park. Take a walk in Villa Borghese Park. Toss a coin in Trevi Fountain. Go to the Vatican… with a guide. Climb everything you...