Halloween Around the World

October 31 says “Halloween” on many calendars around the world, but what does the day actually entail?

How Adults do Spring Break

Nobody appreciates a notable spring break as much as a grown-up. Juggling between your career, kids, laundry, or whatever flimflam is going on in your adult life, a trip to take for you is beyond well-deserved. There are many health benefits from taking a breather and...

Hong Kong: The NEXT Time

Hong Kong is a small MOUNTAINOUS island with hundreds of skyscrapers. I was expecting something like New York, but I was wrong. So many buildings and boats!

Chopstick Lessons in Hong Kong

Abercrombie and Kent was the on-site for the Virtuoso Symposium in Hong Kong this year and as many already know, they are good at what they do. There are many ways to spend an afternoon in Hong Kong and after several days of meetings, Ricky and I chose the Central and...