An Important Travel Tip

There is nothing more overwhelming to most people than tipping. When you are traveling, you encounter more opportunities for this intimidating social construct than during your average day. When you are outside of your comfort zone the questions grow exponentially- Who do you tip? How much do you tip? When is tipping appropriate? Is tipping even appropriate? Every encounter with a service personnel becomes a potential landmine of uncertainty. We want to set the record straight on gratuities.

Is Your Passport Valid?

As travel professionals, we get more questions about passport and visa services than any other topic.  The process of obtaining these documents can be overwhelming and intimidating if you have never done it before.  However, having valid documentation is critical if you want to travel anywhere outside of the United States.

Caveat Emptor: Using Credit Card Points For Travel

I accumulate a large number of points on a major credit card. Sally and I use those points to travel and have learned some interesting lessons along the way. Points work well for airline tickets. You even earn frequent flyer miles with the airline you choose using...

Travel Headaches and How to Cure Them

If you travel regularly, there’s a good chance you have been impacted by a travel disruption. Whether it is a hurricane, snow storm, volcanic ash or just an everyday maintenance issue, it is impossible to avoid unforeseen circumstances during travel.  The recent round...