With Much Appreciation

Over the past few years, Aladdin Travel has focused on specific non-profit organizations that needed help and asked you to vote for your favorite. Gifts were awarded based on the number of votes received. Additionally, we made contributions to food banks in client...

LaGuardia Airport Alert

Come About, Re-direct, Keep Your Head up. Change is coming for those who travel to New York City through LaGuardia Airport (LGA). For what seems like years, road work and construction have rerouted traffic as new terminals were built, old were refurbished and others...

Maria Crashed My Party

Excitement built as my family and I planned my birthday celebration in Puerto Rico. The day we left for our trip, we briefly heard about a tropical storm and thought, worst case scenario …a few days of rain. Oh, how I wish Hurricane Maria had skipped our celebration.

Steps to Banking the Best Travel Experience

Travel is transformative; the more people travel, the more they understand different cultures. This statement is one of Aladdin Travel’s five core beliefs. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, it changes the traveler and creates memories that last.

See Something? Say Something!

Years ago, I visited New York City with a well-traveled colleague. She constantly reminded me to “keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings; you never know who or what you might see!” Whether the purpose was to spot danger before it happened or to be star struck at the sight of a celebrity, I began to pay attention to the world around me.

Can You Afford NOT to Buy Travel Insurance?

Health, auto, home and pet top the list of insurances purchased regularly. When saving for a trip of a lifetime, consider buying travel insurance. Travel insurance can be a mystery. Most travelers think insurance is something they should have, but many are not clear on what it covers or why it is important. As experts in the industry, Aladdin Travel employees are regularly asked whether or not someone should buy insurance.