If not, it add it now! Bhutan has:

  •  A government policy of Gross National Happiness – Bhutan seeks to measure its progress not by a balance sheet but rather by happiness.
  • No traffic lights in the entire country.
  • No American fast food or restaurant chains, ergo, an entire nation of healthy people. 
  • Snow covered peaks of the Himalayas with tiny meditation huts clinging to the rocks and prayer flags gently waving everywhere.
  • Older people who are venerated, children who are respectful, and kings who are held in high esteem.
  • Pigs that are fed marijuana, making them hungrier and fatter? Talk about recreational use…

The country of Bhutan first caught my attention in a  New York Times article. While trying to decide what to marBhutan with Aladdin Travel and Meeting Planners in Winston-Salem, NCk off of my bucket list, again, I was drawn towards Bhutan as another article listed it as #5 in a list of places to experience. My intinerary grew when I added Nepal and a short layover in Kuala Lumpur. I have lots of tips!  Elizabeth


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