Protecting Traveler Equity Matters

Corporate travel policies are designed to minimize the cost of traveling. Historically, saving methodologies have been focused on decreasing air, car, and hotel spend. Today, the basic experience of travel has …

Never Tired of New York

My sister and I took our mother for a quick getaway in New York and the 72-old wore us out!

Italy for Spring Break!

Luck was with us! All the kids had the same spring break and Alitalia just happened to have an incredible sale, so off to Milan we flew! It was my idea to do a whirlwind tour to include Milan, Florence, Venice, and Rome. My daughter’s more sane idea was to stay in one...

A Mother/Daughter New York Trip!

School is back in session and it’s time to think about spring break! When your daughter says “it’s time for a girl’s trip” do not wait.