Both experiences were eventful and memorable… but this time in Hong Kong… less stress.  First time… a story for another day!

The seats in first class swivel to make working at a desk easier.

The seats in first class swivel to make working at a desk easier.

Flight- Sally and I used points to fly in the front of a new AA 777-300. The service was very nice and our traveling “condo” very spacious. It is hard to beat lie flat seats for 17 hours going or 14 coming back. Given what I know now,  I would opt for business class seats for cost to value. However, it was nice in First Class.

Hong Kong- May be my new favorite international city. It is hard to describe how friendly the people are. No doubt, I am jaded by the fact that I was attending the Virtuoso Symposium held at the Island Shangri-La Hotel and we stayed at the beautiful Four Seasons,  but everyone we ran into on the street, in restaurants in markets or at the tailor shop could not have been more helpful or pleasant. Almost everyone speaks English due to the 99 year ownership by the UK. At the same time, Hong Kong is over the top with international feeling with Russians, Chinese, Australians, Europeans and Americans collectively walking the streets and enjoying food, shopping and people watching like no other!

Four Seasons- Exquisite. From our welcome by Director of Rooms- Wayne Tan and escorting to our room by the warm and lovely Vivian Yung (Guest Experience Manager) our stay was fabulous. Food was great, spaces were beautiful, rooms were spacious and had great technology! Only thing I would change is we had a Victoria Peak view room overlooking the Central part of Hong Kong. Next time opt for Victoria Harbor view!

Getting final measurements

Getting final measurements

Tailored suit!- Okay maybe I acted like a tourist but I did buy some tailored clothes. A cool experience that allowed me to buy suits made for me of Italian Cashmere at a price I could not have imagined at home. They arrived two weeks after our return and the feel is magical. This was the second best suit buying experience in my life. (I bought my FIRST suit at Norman Stockton in Winston-Salem, NC in 1980.  I was fitted in the old downtown store by Mr. Stockton, now Dick and a fun tennis partner. I still remember how it fit when altered.) The fitting in Hong Kong brought back happy memories!

Food- I have to admit, when we were on the plane back to the United States,  we were looking forward to a burger and fries. With that said we really enjoyed great Chinese food for six days. From won ton noodles, roast duck, pork and chicken with all kinds of savory spices and flavorings it was a fabulous gastronomic experience!  On the street or in restaurants,  everything we ate challenged our taste buds!

Will I come back?  The next time I’m in Asia, I’ll do my best to stop in Hong Kong. It is simply one of the cleanest, friendliest, most exciting cities I visited.  Ricky

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Richard E. Shore, Jr. (Ricky) is the President & CEO of Aladdin Travel. “I joined the company in April 2004 with responsibilities for corporate sales and marketing and completed the purchase of Aladdin Travel in November 2012. I enjoy volunteering in the community and have served as president of the Winston-Salem Rotary Club and as a board member and president (2012-13) of the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem. Finally, serving on the Vestry of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church as Junior and Senior Warden was a rewarding experience. Sally and I enjoy traveling, with and without family! Memories of crepes in Paris, the Cotswolds outside of London, golf in Scotland, the Great Wall of China, biking in Holland, Italy and the Salzkammergut (Lake District) of Austria and sightseeing in Spain abound. An occasional trip to the beach or the mountains is also welcome!

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