Work drew me to Aruba, however the real draw for my family was the new Ritz-Carlton.  Late 2013, it was the first new luxury hotel to open in the Caribbean in years.  It offered the promise of 5 star service on an island known for consistent warmth and sunshine combined with inexpensive and easy air accessibility. It is only miles off the coast of South America, outside the hurricane belt and Southwest even flies there!  

I have to admit I was skeptical.  Other frequent travelers I trust had compared the island to Cancun and I can understand the comparison.  It is a developed island with fast food joints and super markets to prove it.  However, it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the best weather.  No possibility of cool rainy days like one might experience in January further north in the Caribbean.  It has the infrastructure to support fabulous restaurants, and then there is the Ritz.  Built that even the least expensive rooms have a view of the ocean and positioned on the furthest end of the world famous Palm Beach. It is near the action, yet not overwhelmed by it. One can walk about three miles north to the lighthouse or walk south along the beach and enjoy the entertainment the rest of the hotel strand has to offer.  When the weather is cold further north, I highly recommend a visit to Aruba. Emily

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I joined Aladdin in 2004 and my favorite destinations are Africa, Italy, anywhere in the Caribbean and Costa Rica. I love to travel with my family, have extensive international travel experience and am passionate about helping others explore the world. I have managed events all over the globe. Whether it is a high touch board meeting abroad or a large medical convention in the Caribbean, I bring passion for travel and industry knowledge to work for every single client.

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