With 2017 just around the corner, you may think that a few dreams of 2016 are fading. NOW is the time to plan for the upcoming new year and here are a few top destinations to stimulate brainstorming adventures for every month of the year!

1.)  January and February in Boston and Canada

Quebec virtuoso

Blast off a blissful new year at Boston’s annual wine festival with a variety of over 50 wines.  This year the expo will be held February 18-19 and it promises to be filled with classy nights, jazz brunches and more. 

Near the end of January, take the whole family to Quebec’s Winter Carnival, glinted with ice castles and snow sculptures, and energized with tobogganing, snow-bathing, Jacuzzis, Ferris wheels, ice-bars, and all things that blare ‘winter fun’.

2.)  February in China


To submerge completely in Chinese tradition, visit China during their Lantern Festival on the last day of the lunar New Year.  Beneath a glaring full moon and thousands of floating lanterns, each containing a riddle for onlookers to guess, join the Chinese conveying harmony and wishing for superb well-being. Revel in a parade with actors dressed as four-person lions, dragons and stilt dancers.  Feast on fried, boiled, or steamed rice balls filled with sugar, dried fruit, sesame seeds, oil or bean paste for a unique-yet-delightful taste bud experience.

3.)  March in India

Eliz and Friends_3

With rainbows of water splashing the streets in March, India’s Holi Festival celebrates the empowerment of good dominating evil.  Beginning with a bonfire to burn the demons called ‘Holika’ and followed by smearing “gulai” and “abeer” (colored powder and chips to mix with water) on each other’s faces, the festival not only serves as a great time, but also dissolves India’s social breach.  For those not afraid to get wet and dirty, this is a wonderful time to explore India colorfully.

4.)  April in the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos virtuoso

 April 22, Earth Day, represents a global time to reflect on how we can further sustain the earth.  Is there a better way to appreciate this day than adoring the Galapagos Islands, flourishing with wildlife and unique diversity?  After all, this is the location where Charles Darwin thought of the theory of evolution.  Take a visit to this inspiring, volcanic-formed island to embrace nature’s wonders yourself.

5.)  May in Morocco

morocco virtuoso

Don’t forget! May 14 is Mother’s Day!  Mothers appreciate any precious time spent with their busy offspring, but this year take her on a trip to Morocco! From May 12-20, the Festival of World Sacred Music jingles in Moroccan gardens throughout the afternoons, and evening concerts served with tea touch the hearts of many sophisticated culture gurus.

6.)  June in Russia


After an arduous, cold and dark winter, Russia’s summer night skies linger brightly with rosy streaks of the setting sun until 11 pm.  The White Nights Festival is filled with warm days, drippy watermelon, divine ice cream, and clubs bumping until dawn.  Sleep off long nights and wake up to a snug day of sightseeing and sipping cappuccinos.

7.)  July in Paris

eiffel tower

France was right by our side during Independence Day, so why not venture overseas to celebrate with a French baguette and a bottle of champagne in a Paris park?  Spiraling fireworks won’t crack on the fourth of July, but a week later marks France’s own day of independence, Bastille Day, when days douse with dancing, parades march down the streets, and later fireworks burst into the sky.

8.)  August in Spain or Brazil

Rio beach virtuoso

On the last day of August, Valencia’s streets splash with over 200,000 tomatoes and plentiful cheers.  Shops and businesses close while Spaniards hound each other with ripe, fleshy tomatoes until night falls – the largest food fight in the world!

Rio de Janeiro just hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics, the biggest sporting event on the planet…go visit!  Lounge on the nearby Copacabana Beach or hike up Sugarloaf Mountain.

9.)  September in Germany


Journey to Germany’s Oktoberfest, beginning September 17 through October 3 (to avoid chill spurs of late October).  As the largest festival in the world with over 6 million visitors, the chaotic weekends drowned in beer, chitchat and grooves create a haze of memories to last a lifetime.

10.)  October in New Mexico or Ireland

new mexico virtuoso

From October 1 through 9, watch hundreds of hot air balloons drifting above New Mexico…OR… spend a weekend in Ireland’s small town, Lisdoonvarna, blessed with mineral water which intrigues oodles of visitors to indulge in a spa, possibly curing ailments.  Years ago, bachelors ventured to the area in search of a wife, which transformed into a Matchmaking Festival, inviting singles to dance together from noon until night seeking not only a date, but a good time!

11.)  November in the Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands virtuoso When the fall weather begins to bite, sail over to the Cayman Islands to partake in Pirate Week Festival – locals and visitors dress in boots and bangles as swashbucklers. On the first weekend of the 11-day fest, three ships filled with pretend pirates invade the island, riling the crowds and capturing the governor.  For the rest of the week, parades, fireworks, crafts and competitions disperse through George Town, as everyone joins in on the fun.  Any fan of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean will certainly have a blast here.

12.)  December in Australia

Australia’s December is by far one of their most pleasurable months.  The shining sun balms the earth as foamy waves crash, and rather than tugging the reins of reindeer, Santa surfs into town. On New Year’s Eve, head to Sydney to observe a spectacular array of fireworks lighting the sky over top the harbor at 9 pm, then blowing off again for a full hour when midnight strikes.

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