After breakfast, we went on an elephant-back safari in the Gundreni Forest.  The only unusual animals we saw were a pair of one-horned rhinoceros, with a few deer and monkeys … no leopard or bear. In the afternoon, our group was loaded into two “Jeeps”—actually ancient Land Rovers that were obviously on their last legs. When the lead vehicle crossed the Narayani River, the driveshaft broke. Rather than wait for a replacement, the eight or nine people who were riding that van were loaded on the roof of ours (we had no extra room inside), Riding elephants with Aladdin Travel and Meeting Planners in Winston-Salem, NCand we bounced and tilted for several minutes through the jungle before arriving at a boat dock where we embarked on a “cruise” down the river at dusk. The manager of our lodge met us a few miles downriver with wine, cheese, and crackers as we watched the day’s end approach.

After a night’s sleep, we rode to the airport at Bharatpur and flew back to Kathmandu and the Dwarika’s Hotel where we were assigned to a slightly smaller, but still nice,  room in one of the peripheral buildings. After a bit of rest and, of course, repacking, we left for our farewell dinner at a Russian-Nepalese restaurant with shots of vodka, lots of good food, and a great time by all. One of the greatest things about traveling with a group is the people you meet and friendships formed! Elizabeth

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