Thank you for participating in the survey last month!  The results are below.

Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind 393 votes and $1500
The Centers for Exceptional Children 221 votes and $500
The Children’s Museum of Wilmington 69 votes and $500
The Hopeway Foundation 37 votes and $500
The Greensboro Children’s Museum 17 votes and $500

It’s that time of year again, the time of giving. For the past few years, Aladdin Travel has made donations in honor of our clients, employees and friends to their local food banks. This year, in addition to those gifts, we are going to give to non-profit organizations. One organization will receive $1500 but we need your help deciding! Vote using THIS LINK.

This year’s finalists are:ornament

Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind, The Centers for Exceptional Children, The Children’s Museum of Wilmington, The Greensboro Children’s Museum and The Hopeway Foundation of Charlotte.

Voting will take place until Friday, December 18 and the winners will be announced on Monday, December 21. Since it is a special time of year, the remaining four will each receive a $500 gift. Happy Holidays!

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