What Can You Add To The "Pack Lightly" List?

Frommers recently published “10 Ways to Pack Light” Always looking for things to make travel easier, I had to read on. Here are five of my favorites….

The first tip was to commit to a carry-on…ONLY.  I agree.  To quote Ranch Wilder AND Wally from Angels in the Outfield, “Less is More” and much easier to handle. 

Limiting footwear was number two and although I agree with this one, I fail miserably.  I usually end up filling Ricky’s spare packing room with a few extra pairs.

The cross-body strap bag... another good one, although not very “stylish.”  There ARE times you should give up the cute handbag to free your hands and deter pickpockets.  One of my favorite bags?  The kidney shaped Ameribag in black….

“Double-Duty” articles of clothing were also mentioned.  I call it sticking to the basics and mixing and matching a few items.  Add a FEW accessories and no one will know that you have already worn those black pants twice.  Again…“Less is more.”

I have to admit that I liked the ninth tip.  Discard old clothes along the way.  YEARS ago, our sons (4th grade and 6th grade at the time) spent 11 days in England on a choir trip. Instead of getting back 44 dirty socks upon their return, I sent old socks and asked the boys to toss the dirty socks. I thought I was a genius!

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