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Guests Much More Satisfied with Hotels, Study Says
(Source: usatoday.com) Travelers have reached their highest level of satisfaction with hotels in years because of improvements in facilities and services, a new study released Wednesday finds.

How to Check The Weather Before Your Flight
(Source: petergreenberg.com) If you're a regular traveler, you know that weather can have a big impact on your flight. Events such as storms and lightning can cause turbulence, but the truth is that pilots are equipped to handle any situation. To help you prepare for a flight during a storm or to simply put your mind at rest, Captain Tom Bunn explains why you should check the weather before a flight.

Boeing to Pack Fliers Tight on High-density 737 Model
(Source: usatoday.com) Already squeezed for space on many flights, economy class passengers may soon lose another two inches of legroom when the fly on no-frills airlines.

Help the Cause with a Visit to These Animal Sanctuaries
(Source: usatoday.com) Animal sanctuaries act as havens for abused, neglected and illegally obtained animals that have been rescued or retired from zoos and circuses. From large carnivores to reptiles and farm animals, rescued species large and small have found refuge at dedicated facilities across the Southern USA. Your visit (or donation) can keep the sanctuaries going, while you get to spend time with hundreds of adorable animals of both the exotic and domestic varieties.

The Travel List Challenge's 100 Places to Visit Before You Die
(Source: listchallenges.com) The first List Challenge I took was the Travel List Challenge via Facebook, consisting of 100 popular tourist destinations. However, a list containing those 100 places was not on the List Challenges website....until now. Granted the list skews American a bit, but so does Facebook, and so does the internet for that matter.


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