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Five Ways to Cultivate Peace at Your Desk
(Source: chopra.com) You are a modern day Superhero of epic proportion. Your talents are far-reaching and your noble duties are not for the faint of heart. Able to engage in four back-to-back meetings; fulfill three critical deadlines; write and respond to upwards of a hundred emails; and perhaps mindfully embrace a difficult conversation or two ... all before 5pm.

Emirates Pursues U.S. Business Travelers
(Source: usatoday.com) Emirates, the Dubai-based carrier, is making a big push for business trekkers and other fliers to and from the USA. The at-times controversial airline is spreading its footprint to new cities, and switching out smaller 777s for jumbo-sized jets to carry even more fliers to international destinations.

On The Road: Maintaining Balance as a Traveling Professional
(Source: linkedin.com) The perception by infrequent travelers is sometimes that of bliss towards the glamorous world of 100% travel, however, this is not necessarily the reality for this elite class of weary business travelers. But there is wisdom to be gained through the process of living your life at the mercy of your checked baggage.

Guestroom TVs invite New Content Streaming Options for Guests
(Source: hotelmanagement.net) Multiple electronic devices packed with personal media: that's what travelers come armed with when they check into a hotel today. And it used to be that they could only watch their content on the device it was loaded on-whether a phone, tablet or laptop.

Five Reasons People Don't Work with a Travel Advisor (And Five Reasons You Should) (Source: virtuoso.com) Yes, travel advisors still exist-and you'll soon wonder how you ever traveled without one.

The Travel List Challenge's 100 Places to Visit Before You Die (Source: listchallenges.com) The first List Challenge I took was the Travel List Challenge via Facebook, consisting of 100 popular tourist destinations. However, a list containing those 100 places was not on the List Challenges website....until now. Granted the list skews American a bit, but so does Facebook, and so does the internet for that matter.


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