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Researchers Use Math To Beat Jet Lag
(Source: huffingtonpost.com) Lots of apps claim they can help you fight jet lag. Now Michigan researchers say mathematical formulas suggest it's possible to adjust to new time zones a bit faster than previously thought, and they created their own free app to help. Doctors have long said exposure to light is key. But how much, and when?

Marriott's Loyalty Program Ranks No. 1
(Source: usatoday.com) Marriott's frequent-guest program ranks No. 1 among hotel loyalty programs, shows a new consumer survey released Friday. Marriott Rewards received an overall customer satisfaction score of 707 on a 1,000-point scale, according to the first hotel-program survey by market research company J.D. Power.

Checking Out PreCheck
(Source: palisadeshudson.com) Unless you are very young, you probably remember a time when you didn't select a pair of shoes for an airline flight based on how easy they were to remove. The Transportation Security Administration procedures that came into effect after 9/11 have remained in place, however, and most of us who fly regularly already have those shoes off, along with our liquids disposed of and laptop computers out of their cases, before we reach the security checkpoint's conveyor belt.

Travelers: It's About .... Time Airlines Toughened Up Baggage Policies  (Source: time.com) United is ratcheting up stricter carry-on baggage rule enforcement, and the result is that more passengers will be hit with fees. To which many travelers say: Wonderful! This week, word has quickly spread about United Airlines' crackdown on passengers who attempt to bring oversized carry-ons onto planes. Airline staffers have begun zealously enforcing existing carry-on rules.

Three Rules of Electronics Etiquette During Business Travel
(Source: payscale.com) Thanks to in-flight Wi-Fi, business travelers can now stay connected while they're at 35,000 feet, making sure that they don't miss a single email. While the boss might expect you to sign on as soon as there is a signal, it's important to remember that those around you might not be traveling for the same reasons. If you're using electronics during business travel, here's what to keep in mind.



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