Walk... Or Ride...To Old Town Scottsdale

If you are staying at Hotel Valley Ho, you can walk to Old Town Scottsdale.  Last year, we rented bikes and rode, but this time, we left our retro hotel on foot and entered the western town of yesteryear.  Look for "the cowboy".  You can't miss him!  Do a little shopping...or a lot!  Take your pick of eateries, we grabbed a chicken shawarma at The Pita House.  It wasn't our first visit... The Mediterranean food at this spot is delicious and the diet cokes are HUGE.

Eddie's House and Tommy V's Urban Bar and Kitchen were perfect dinner spots.  Eddie's was a repeat and we COULD have walked, but we caught rides with Old Town Scottsdale Tours.  Golf carts took us from the Valley Ho to the restaurant.  It was an adventure and we decided to call them the next night to take us to Tommy V's.  First visit, and it was a treat.  The food was good, the waiters were attentive and instead of regular wine bottles, they poured magnums, surely not jeroboams.  I think it's hard to please large groups, but  Tommy V's was successful!

It seems that we shopped and ate our way through Old Town Scottsdale.  We did more.  We had a day and a half meeting and learned that our next gathering will be in ChicagoSS

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