Visiting a jungle? Stay here!

Visiting the cloud forest, the rainforest and the jungle?  Stay here:

The Hotel Arenal Springs Resort and Spa, located at the base of the Arenal Volcano. It was not the American standard of 4 star, but it was nice.  It has small “cabanas” on the hillside with a separate lodge and restaurant.  Staying at the base of the volcano was a nice experience. Due to cloud cover, we could not see the top!

The RIU Guanacaste… a beautiful all inclusive hotel.  This hotel has a very nice pool area and two 24 hour buffet restaurants.  A small casino and shopping area are also connected to the property.  

Note: Costa Ricans, as a whole are known as the Happiest People in the world, and are promoting tourism in their country.  They aim to please!  BM

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