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Tuesdays on Twitter are known as "Travel Tuesday" and each week Aladdin "tweets" a travel tip.  Not on Twitter?  Not a problem!  Our tips are listed here and each week, we will add another!

Before you go...Call your credit card company.

Long flight? Lightly dab Vaseline inside your nose to prevent nosebleeds.

Pack in several Zip Lock bags.  Roll out the air and seal.  The space saved is amazing and plastic bags are VERU useful!

Take photos of your suitcase AND its contents. Remembering what you packed will be easier.

Pack yoga pants. Casual to dressy and easy to wash! Plus... comfortable on long flights.

Pack thin scarves.  Air conditioning can be cold and several will make it seem like you have more outfits.

Mark your luggage with something that makes it easy to identify (We use a rainbow strap.). YOU will be able to spot it in baggage claim and the airport employees will quickly spot it when YOUR bag is the one that needs to change airlines. It could happen!

New York Tips Galore!

Traveling abroad? Jot down the "outside of U.S." number that's on the back of your credit card.  Just in case... 

Print your travel photos, don't leave them on a the computer.

Download LodgeNet's free remote control app and never use the hotel remote again.

Seen on Pinterest... Protect your pocket camera's LCD screen. Put your camera in a travel soap case.

Keep a journal/blog/diary of your experiences. It's amazing what we forget and it is wonderful to re-live.

Delta Flight Cancelled? Missed Connection? Avoid the lines and use this!

Take a family vacation!

"Dry Fit" T-Shirts! Easy to pack and wash!

First class? Choose a flight over the ocean or cross country to enjoy amenities. Don't just pay for a larger seat.

Ribbons, tassels, rainbow straps...make it easier to spot your luggage on the airport conveyor belt.

On a cruise? Consider a private shore excursion... avoid the crowds.

In cruise port but not on a cruise? Enjoy time in the sun, not in line. Check the cruise schedule BEFORE boarding a bus.

For now...use Internet Explorer to print your boarding passes.

You really don't need to take ALL of that..."Less is More." ~ Ranch Wilder

Tropical vacation?  Leave your jewelry at home....not in the sea.

Get Insurance....

Have You Met "My TSA"?

Learn about your destination BEFORE you get there. Aladdin's Travel Treks! Been there! Done it!

Blisters can ruin a day...Throw in a few Band-Aids. Your feet will thank you!

Expensive or Complex Vacation? Travel Insurance is Your Friend!

Lost in the airport? LOOK UP!

Just married? New name? Update your passport!

Water is your friend! Drink it!

Long flight in coach? Put a thin blanket, inflatable pillow and snacks in your carry on...they’re free. 

Put a pair of socks in your carry on bag. Cold? Put them on!

Place what you plan to use on the plane in your smaller bag and put it under the seat in front of you. ~Delta Sky Mag

Put your name and the phone number of your destination inside and outside of your luggage.

Packing will be easier if you keep a permanent list of your go-to items and add to it as you travel. Print and pack!

Water is your friend! Carry an EMPTY water bottle and fill it AFTER you clear airport security.

Carry Ziplock bags.  If it COULD leak....put it in a Ziplock. Wet swim suit? Put it in a Ziplock.

Travel lightly when you can. Bring ONE carry-on bag.

Make SURE you carry your valuables, medication and travel documents in your carry-on luggage.

Coming home from Europe? Don't spend all of your euros. Save a few to get your next trip started.

Let your credit card company know that you are traveling...especially if you are going abroad!

It’s easier to TIP when you carry small bills. More TIPS.

Slip off your shoes and remove your belt. You'll get through security faster.

Traveling with your passport?  Email it to yourself! It may come in handy!

Aladdin Wants to Know!  Do YOU have a travel tip?  Please share it on facebook!


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