Touring Telluride with Caroline!

The past year was dedicated to one thing – planning the fairytale wedding my sister has always wanted. What did I do when the wedding was over and she was on her honeymoon?  I took my mom to Telluride, Colorado for a girl’s weekend away! 
Our plane landed in Montrose, Colorado late Thursday afternoon after an hour of dodging rough air over the Rockies. Where’s Montrose?  It’s a 90 minute drive from Telluride on a strip of dirt that smells like a cow pasture.  Mom and I drove the beautiful route to Telluride, during which I hugged the yellow line, desperately trying to stay away from a sharp drop to the river below. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it the entire time. I knew the weekend would be exciting if the drive in had me holding my breath.
We pulled into Capella Telluride (which is actually in Mountain Village) and were immediately greeted by a rustic, yet classy, valet.  He took our car (nicknamed “The Boat”) and arranged for our luggage to be delivered to our room. The front desk knew who we were as soon as we arrived and after quickly settling in,  we sat on our balcony and watched the sun set over the Rockies. 
Later that evening, we took a gondola from Mountain Village to the actual “city” of Telluride. The gondola started at 9800 ft in Mountain Village, went to 10,500 ft and eventually to 8900 ft as we arrived at our destination. Dinner at Cosmo was fabulous and should be on everyone’s “do not miss” list!
Back at Capella, Mom mentioned to the front desk that she wasn't feeling well. Not a problem! She was quickly diagnosed with altitude sickness and two portable oxygen containers were delivered to our room. Over the course of the weekend we both used them and felt infinitely better.  Drinking water helped too!
Telluride is basically a combination of Boone, NC and Boulder, CO. It’s a place where gypsies and the super rich come together. Mountain Men are treated like they don’t smell and it’s okay to wander around aimlessly for hours. You can only differentiate said Mountain Men from regular Mountain Men when they drop $1000 on a designer hiking cane without a second thought.
We happened to be in Telluride for the Mushroom Festival. Yes, there really was a mushroom festival with a parade that stretched for Telluride’s six blocks. During the parade we saw Santa, Yoda, two angels, a kilt-wearing Scottish bagpipe player, a rainbow and people who probably took the “mushroom” theme a little too literally.
“A must” during a stay in Telluride is the drive on Last Dollar Road, a scenic route on a dirt road through Aspen groves and over the path of winter runoff. I’m typically smart but didn’t think twice about taking our rental car on this road. When our Chrysler 300 Touring ended up on a four-foot-wide dirt path with a mostly submerged Jeep Wrangler in the mud hole in front of us, I wished I had turned around when I saw a “road not serviced” sign.  We eventually made it back to our hotel, at which point our valet congratulated us on successfully four-wheeling in our rental. We were proud!
Colorado was relaxing and fun and we’ll be back in the near future!  In the meantime... we have our memories!Contact me!  Caroline

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