The British Virgin Islands!

Our last few days were spent in the BVI's.  Tortola and its port full of large ships did not hold a lot of appeal for us.  We spent that morning on board the ship using the fitness room, which isView from Peter Island lovely.  It has large windows so you can appreciate your surroundings as well as up-to-date equipment. 

After leaving Tortola, we sailed to Peter Island.  I  had arranged a site visit of The Resort, which is the only thing to see, other than beautiful beaches.  SeaDream I anchored in a small bay next to a few luxury private vessels and they tendered us in on Zodiacs.  This all led to a very Robinson Crusoe feel to the island. 

We were transferred over very rough dirt roads around the island, glimpsing some go the The best place to watch the sunset on Peter Island!most spectacular views of the Caribbean I have ever seen and finally deposited at the Peter Island Resort.  It is a little oasis on this otherwise deserted island.  The resort is only accessible by boat or helicopter and the rates encourage exclusivity.  I would love to return to be able to testify to the quality of the rooms and levels of service.  Unfortunately, I can't speak to either given the brevity of our visit and the lack of any available sleeping rooms for us to view.  I can, however, tell you that it is a beautiful spot!   EDV


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