St Martin a.k.a....Spa Day

St Martin or St Marteen if you are on the Dutch side, is one of the least exotic stops on our itinerary.  It is a busy hub from which folks often access the smaller more isolated islands in the area. 

It was not the island that most excited me on our itinerary so, we chose to spend the morning checking out the spa instead.  Great discounts are available on spa services while in port.  Take advantage of them!  The massage therapists are mostly Thai and even the Swedish massage has Thai influences.  The therapists climb on your back and bend you like a pretzel.  Much more relaxing than it sounds, I promise. 

We tendered into Marigot for a fifteen minute walk around the market area that confirmed for us that St. Martin, is in fact, St Barth's bigger, less charming cousin.One of the many beautiful sunsets

With only 64 passengers on board, the ship is only a little more than half full.  Interestingly, we still have a full crew of 96, personal service and lots of attention for each passenger.  Not TOO much attention, e.g., obnoxious photographers on larger ships.  The SeaDream is more subtle!  We are greeted by name.  The waiters remember that I want egg whites in my omelette and lime in my diet coke. 

We feel special on board the SeaDream.  I guess this is what yachting is, feeling like you are at the finest hotel with all the benefits of waking up in a new place every morning.  Maybe tomorrow, we will actually get off the ship for more than 15 minutes....    EDV



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