SeaDream...An Experience To Repeat!

I am definitely a lover of yachting on SeaDream and I can’t think of a reason why I wouldn’t recommend it.   We are not extroverted people and we loved the fact that we could dine alone or with others as we chose.  Camaraderie was not forced. That said, there were lovely and interesting people on board and we probably spoke to everyone at least once. 

After a week in very close quarters with the staff, there was not one service hiccup.  They clearly hire and train happy, competent people who know how to make each guest feel special.  They know your name and you will inevitably know theirs.  They are friendly without being intrusive.  We also loved the fact that they do not let you tip.  It means that as a guest, you don't feel guilty if all you want is unlimited ice water by the pool. They are just as responsive to that request as they are to any other.   Balinese beds

I had multiple experiences where I thought they had read my mind.  The last day was over cast and we were napping on the top deck in the Balinese beds.  I woke up a little chilly, rolled over and thought I would like a blanket.  Our waiter was standing there with towels. 

The servers at meals rotated.  With so few people on board, we had the same ones over and over and by the end of the week they all knew we liked Splenda for our coffee and tea, and lemon in our ice water.

The downsides were minor and I think had as much to do with the time of year we chose as anything…

1) Almost all of the shore excursions were cancelled.  We were lazy about planning anything ourselves and had counted on booking some of them as entertainment while in ports, but only one of them actually met the minimum requirement to go.  I am sure this is not an issue on a full cruise. 

2) The seas were rough.  Apparently this is common in the Caribbean in December.  I was surprised at how much movement we felt.  Luckily there is not very far to go between many of the ports, so we sailed mostly in the early mornings.  The two nights we were at sea, it was hard to sleep.  Stuff in our cabin started to creak and we felt like we might inadvertently fall out of bed. However, we didn’t! It was also surprisingly still when we were anchored. I expected to feel it as much then as when we were moving but that was not the case.

SeaDream...An Experience To Repeat!  EDV



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