Ricky Goes To France…..By Himself…. Bonjour!

Day 1.5 or 2.5? It's confusing…..

I departed Charlotte on a Saturday afternoon on Lufthansa bound for Cannes France by way of Munich and Nice.  Lufthansa Business Class is very nice with almost flat seats, good food and drink. My guess is…. I slept close to 6 of the 8 hour flight.  2 issues you will find with almost flat seats:

 #1 The seats are almost flat… not flat.
 #2 Because of #1, if you roll and toss in your sleep, you will slide down the seat into a puddle at the foot.  After a little realignment, you can get back to sleep.

Hot tip of the day: Take a change of clothes for sleeping. The gentleman beside me boarded the plane and changed to sweat pants and a tee-shirt for sleeping and then changed back before he deplaned. My bet....he slept better than I did.

I stayed on the Mediterranean in the Carlton, an Intercontinental Property. It is a grand European Hotel with great staircases, marble and granite everywhere.  It’s a spectacular setting on the French Riviera. Tip: Don’t travel alone. Due to my “tight-wadedness,” Sally could not come over until Friday and it would have been much more fun with her. She agreed! 

I attended meetings while in Cannes but…. Dinner at the Hotel was great!  The plates were served with European flair;  Delicious food, minus American portions.  It was an experience!

Final tip: While the flight and time change (6 hours) are confusing, stay awake the day you arrive! “Just do it!”   I made it until 10PM on day one and headed into day two or was it day three?   Stay awake day one!

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