Looking for palm trees...shoes...jewelry? Head to Rio!

Known for its financial districts and stores, Rio is the New York City of Brazil!  Once you get your finances straight...start SHOPPING!

Rio specializes in two treats after a woman’s heart... jewelry and shoes!  H. Stern and Amsterdam Sauer are two of the most popular jewelers in Rio, with local mined gems and diamonds made to YOUR specifications. Purchase something here and you are sure to sparkle!  Once you have your “bling” start looking for SHOES! 100's of shoe stores line the streets.

After shopping until you drop, make sure you visit the "Paradise" of Brazil. Florianopolis is in the state of Santa Cantarina and has beautiful beaches and resorts. It is a warm, safe and welcoming destination. Riding horses on the beach is a treat!

Rio is a place to visit again and again! It is perfect for a family vacation or a honeymoon! Call me!  I have been there!

Beverly Moser, Corporate Travel Consultant (336) 499-6769


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