Liz and Pat Went To Salzburg And LOVED It!

We arrived in Salzburg after riding the train from Munich and decided to walk to our hotel…Hotel Goldener Hirsch, which is located in the center of Salzburg.  All of our walking made us hungry and after we checked into this historic hotel, “born” in 1407 and STILL retaining the charm and history of Salzburg, we experienced a delicious local meal at the hotel restaurant.  The staff surprised us with a traditional dessert, “Salzburger Nockerl”, that is similar to a soufflé.  It was stunning in presentation and taste.

The rest of the first day was spent exploring the many sights of Salzburg, Baroque architecture, the Museum of Modern Art and just taking a relaxing stroll through Mirabell Gardens.  One can’t help but hear music while visiting this beautiful place.  Mozart was born in Salzburg and “The Sound of Music” was filmed there, but not at the same time!

Day two included another delicious memory. Breakfast at the hotel consisted of local pastries, fruits, meats, seafood, cooked to order eggs, juice and coffee.  Afterwards, we decided to take a 55 minute carriage ride tour around Salzburg.  We had to select the perfect carriage and also (Tip) interview the drivers to make sure we could understand the narration.  It was a great way to see all of the most important sights of Salzburg and to hear some of the local stories that make the town so full of charm.

Later, we returned to the hotel, checked out and headed across the river to their sister property, the Sheraton Salzburg Hotel.  This "younger" hotel has a business focus but still retains the charm and flavor of Salzburg.  Once again we checked in, unloaded our back packs and headed out to continue our sightseeing, with a little shopping, in Salzburg.  


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