I wanna take you to Atlantis, Bahama...come on pretty mama...

There are not many destinations outside of Las Vegas and Disney World that offer as many activity and dining options as the Atlantis does.   The resort boasts 21 onsite restaurants, 19 bars/lounges and countless activities ranging from swimming with the dolphins, an impressive water park to a world class casino.  Combine that with its prime location in the Bahamas, just off the Atlantic coast of Florida and it is an ideal year round family vacation destination.  However all of those perks come with a hefty price tag. 

While there are still room deals to be had outside of peak travel dates, everything on Paradise Island comes with a price.  It is expensive to eat at the resort, although the quality of the food tends to be pretty high considering the masses they have to feed daily.  They now offer meal plans that are a good value for anyone on a budget.  Most of the onsite water activities are free of charge.  However if you want to take advantage of the extensive children’s programs or participate in any of the exciting activities offered, you will have to pay additional fees. 

The Atlantis has continued to expand in recent years, adding the exclusive luxury resort The Cove and more recently the family friendly Reef Tower. The room options vary widely in quality, amenities and price.   Just a 2 hour flight to Nassau from Charlotte or Atlanta makes it an easy warm weather getaway from the south eastern US.   The Atlantis has really cornered the market for super reports in the Caribbean, appealing to a wide ranging demographic of travelers.  The only remotely comparable resort in the area is the Beaches Turks and Caicos, with its recent expansion it is coming close in size and scope but it still doesn’t have a casino or the same nightlife options.

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