Feasts and Drinks in the Queen City!

We recently met Ricky’s college roommate and dear friend in Charlotte, North Carolina for a quick get away.  The Ritz Carlton was the perfect place to re-connect.  Located in downtown Charlotte, it is close to everything…museums, shopping, eating, and sports arenas.  Once we were parked, we stayed parked! 

It happened to be Charlotte Restaurant Week and they really did boast a Queen’s Feast!  Put this in your “next year” book!  Several restaurants offer a fabulous 3 course meal for $30 a person.  Of course, that doesn’t include tax and tip!  It is a must do.  We had a delightful meal at BlackFinn American Saloon. The Seared Ahi Tuna, Lime Seared Salmon and the BlackFinn Hot Chocolate made for a night to remember.  Others at the table liked the Goat Cheese, Strawberry and Pecan Salad, Steak Frites American and the Apple Crisp.  If you hear “Meet Me at The Finn,”do itTip: Being unfamiliar with the area, we were 16 minutes late for our reservation.  Reservations are held for 15 minutes and then released.  Get there on time.  Our reservation was released; however, they were gracious and found another table. I was thrilled. 

A side bar…..The Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership sponsors The Big Eat.  It’s on Tuesdays in January and February.  Several downtown restaurants offer 50% off of their signature dishes.  The shrimp and grits at The Old Fourth Street Filling Station are fabulous and as we all know, vibrant downtowns provide great memories!

Trying to be college students, we did a little bar hopping after dinner.  “Hooligans” was first on the list.  It’s an international sports pub and the owners are very personable. Mark makes a tasty margarita and if you like soccer, this is the place to be!

Next stop? Connolly’s on 5th.  Another international bar….Irish. The first floor was filled and we slipped upstairs.  For 5 minutes, we were the only patrons.  A bartender came up and truly, within 15 minutes, the place was packed.  Charlotte was playing Atlanta that night and the game must have ended. We continued to visit and then realized that we were easily the oldest people in the room….we’re not in college anymore!

Back to the Ritz!  The lobby bar was wall to wall people.  We lingered a little longer and had a great time visiting.  Same time next year?


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