Faith's trip to Jordan (Part 1)

Ever since I first saw Indiana Jones racing his horse through the deep and narrow rose colored passages of Petra, the country of Jordan has been on my list of places to visit. A tour of these passages, called
the Siq, and the ancient city to which it leads is an unforgettable experience. This is only one of the many jewels contained in Jordan.

The people themselves are friendly, respectful and very educated. The literacy rate is 90 percent- unusual for countries in similar economic brackets. The country is extremely clean and contrary to popular western opinion, extremely safe. It has something for everyone!

The largest city, Amman, is a beautiful city of hills. Its atmosphere is both oriental and cosmopolitan. It's known as the "White City" because of the white sandstone used to build the houses. I stayed at Le Meridien.  It's the perfect place to relax in this bustling city. Some of the nearby sights include the Citadel, Temple of Hercules, and the nearby museum which contains fragments of the actual Dead Sea scrolls. 

If you love the great outdoors, Wadi Rum is a must see. You can take a 4x4 ride into a desert oasis with an awesome moonlike landscape, crisscrossed with countless beautiful valleys. "Lawrence of Arabia" was filmed here.

Interested in visiting Jordan? Contact Faith (336)-510-7627.
She will steer you in the right direction!

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