Don’t Leave Home Without “My TSA”

Have you met “My TSA”?  I love it.  This app lets travelers check for delays and security wait times, including individual checkpoints, in any airport in the United States.

“My TSA” includes tips to expedite the security process; including acceptable IDs, liquids and gels (think 311 Rule), special medical needs, how to pack and dress smartly, advice for the military, traveling with children and a whole lot more.

Several video options are available and explain topics passengers question daily.  Weather reports are offered and on-time performance is reported.  Airport real time status is easily accessible and the TSA’s traveler’s guide is loaded with good information.

A feature I particularly like is “Can I Bring?”  Tap this one and type in your item.  You may be told to “Check” or “Check or Carry-on” or “Check Only.”  This app removes the guess work and even explains many rules.  Souvenir snowglobe? Check Only. You are guaranteed to learn and I imagine, enhance your travel experience. It’s free so don’t leave home without “My TSA”.

Note: All wait times are reported by travelers and you should still arrive well in advance of your departure time.  Making a World of Difference Since 1973Available for Iphone and Mobil Web.   SS

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