Destination? A Cloud Forest! A Rainforest! The Jungle!

Grab your rain gear…or not!   It rains in this luscious Costa Rican destination almost every afternoon, but not for long.

The Cloud Forest is nature’s constant simulation of a dark, cloudy, misty, rainy day. Monkeys enjoy this foggy jungle.  Here, the warm Caribbean air meets the cooler Pacific.  Think continental divide of South America?  It was very humid. Go figure!

Don't miss the ever impressive Tropical Rainforest.  If you like green leafy plants and lots of them, you will be in the right place! Monkeys abound here also.  Our short nature walk through the forest was “almost” dry!

While heading to the jungle in Liberia… on the ONLY road, we saw a farmer and his Brahma bulls and a sloth sleeping in a tree. We learned that sloths eat berries that make them pass out; therefore, they are active for about 4 hours a day and sleep the rest of the time. Our citings were much appreciated since the road was in poor condition and travel time was quite long.

The Pacific coast was a treat at the end of our long ride. The sunshine and beach made up for the bumpy experience.   The beach is not as one may imagine.  It is made of volcanic ash, is dark and very hot. The water is not nice and clear, but was still a pretty beach and one you must see!

Have you ever done a zip line? What an extreme experience!  I am not fond of high places and I was hesitant.  However, I DID  it and am ready to go again!  Monkeys in the wild! It was a total blast and I loved it!  I wish I had done it the first day we arrived so I could repeat the experience.

I will zip line again! 

Beverly Moser has been with Aladdin for 6 years after 20 years with USAirways. She has traveled to Brazil, China, Germany, France, the UK, Honduras, Belize, Grand Cayman, and several cities in the United States. In addition to traveling, she enjoys running and riding her bike.  She prefers the beach over the mountains and has three dogs! Beverly is a Corporate Travel Advisor

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