Cannes…..pronounced…..CAN...not Canz, Kahn, or Con...

Day two began with a run along the Mediterranean....even on a work, that’s a nice thought!
Day time temps were about 50, but it felt much colder…rainy and damp.  Cannes is a summer resort town and seemed to be deserted.  However, on weekends, the giant theater complex (you know where I’m going?) comes alive!  The home of The International Film Festival  is about 2 blocks from the Carlton.

After my run, I spent about 5 hours in meetings.  Then, we toured Chateau de Cremat and tasted wine, olive oil and different flower waters.  Imagine a blind tasting of 4 flower waters…mostly guys in my group.  We could have had the labels and it would not have helped….rose water, lavender and two others.  At best, it tasted a bit like soap.  Maybe THAT’s what my Mother used to wash out my mouth!  I have to admit, the guys were unable to establish a use for flower water.

Chateau de Cremat is a nice place outside Nice with a classic foggy view of the snow covered French Alps but if you want to taste wine, I would go to Napa or Sonoma. I am sure the French would be offended and I find them very charming and I would not want to offend them, but I don’t think Nice is the center of French wine making….at least not for MY taste.

Tips of the day: I knew my Coke Zero from the Hotel mini-bar would be pricy but I found the price sheet this morning.   8 euros… think $12….that’s $1.00 and ounce!  Ouch. So glad my car doesn’t need a coke to start every morning!

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