Belize It Or Not!

I flew to Belize City and transferred to Maya Island Air for a short flight over to San Pedro.  What a wonderful experience. Our small 12 passenger plane flew over the tropical waters and the different colors were breath taking!  Absolutely beautiful. 

The Sunbreeze Hotel, recommended by Julie Hinkle, was clean and nice…nothing elaborate, but a great location.  We actually walked from the airport to the hotel.  The little town of San Pedro is quaint and you’ll feel safe walking down the street or along the beach, day and night.  Lots of local restaurants with wonderful food and at night local bands play on the beach.  Count on seeing local vendors selling their crafts. They don’t pester; just extend casual invitations to look.  

Besides being a big scuba diving destination, San Pedro is a wonderful location for fly fishing.  The beaches are clean and the water clear. No commercialization….not even a McDonald’s!  Bug count is low, yet beautiful birds, iguanas and marine life abound!   I will return! BM 

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